Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Agony of Indecision

You know when you have a used car that starts needing progressively more expensive repairs? And you are in for a pound, with another pound to go...and you wonder about the tipping point: time for a new car, or throw in for the extra repairs (that may never end)?

That's exactly that agony I, Mrs. Brew Meister, feel for watching my dear Parrothead's indecision about what to do in the next step of brewing. Do we go big, invest big, or just buy interim parts here and there while we waver? "Big" would be hiring a contractor to run gas lines and venting, plumbing and drainage, and then buying huge equipment upgrades. "Moderate" would be going for a utility sink and drainage with an electric cooker in the basement. "Small" would be getting a larger pot for the stove so that Parrothead doesn't have another incident (as described here and here).

On the one hand, this is a hobby Parrothead enjoys. Heck, it could become a future business (even if only in retirement). And on that same hand, I can't watch a new kitchen stove get ruined. On the other hand, it is still a hobby, and while having a basement brewery sounds terrific, we really would need to budget, at the very least, for a utility sink and floor drain--with a plumber and some legal permits. And on a third hand, is it worth investing in a piece-meal manner if we do ultimately intend to "go big"?

So, while Parrothead indecides, I would like my agony of watching this process lessened by the action of another batch of beer. I hope he take that part of my advice.

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