Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How the mess may justify the cost

Dear Mrs. Brew Meister,

I now realize that the watched pot never boils, but the pot you ignore for 5 minutes while attending to a different batch can boil over and throw wort all over the house. I am not saying that the laws of physics were also at play here...but how did the beer in question cover every inch of the floor in the ENTIRE HOUSE???

Your quick action and endless work to clean up my mess is very appreciated. I would still be cleaning three-and-a-half days later if I was left to clean by myself. I am sorry you spent the day cleaning rather than drinking.

On the note of a new brewing stove and location: maybe you are right. I can see the need to create a home brewery that does not tie up the home kitchen for days on end. Perhaps it is time for Beer 2.0. I see many other home brewers have decided to relocate their hobby to other parts of the house. It makes perfect sense, and it brings up another opportunity, a dedicated three tier brewing system. I am not saying I made the world's largest beer mess to justify Beer 2.0, I am saying we should take advantage of a lesson hard learned.

Let's talk later about the future of Beer 2.0.



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