Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Your cups runneth over

Dear Parrothead,

It is time for you to get your own stove. Nothing personal. Just make a rig in the basement, or get some propane dealie for the garage or backyard. Or, I have a few other suggestions...

...concerning boilover.

(For those homebrewing newbies out there, boilover can happen to anyone. Usually only once. But for the truly "gifted", this can happen more than once. Even on a nice, new stove purchased for the wife. Even when the husband said--jokingly--that the brand-spanking-new appliance should be black *in case* he happens to experience boilover when brewing.)

Now, there are lovely websites that can help you prevent boilover. Such as this one<--skim off the foam, this one<--reduce heat, and this one<--continue to stir.

Regardless of the source, the ideas all have one thing in common: single tasking. That means: not multitasking. In other words, don't move things into your secondary carboy while you are trying to boil a new batch of beer. Just as an example.

Multitasking when homebrewing is not a time saver. Should become a mantra for all homebrewers who are working alone. Because it just doesn't save time to have your wife taking apart the beautiful new stove, scrubbing the floor, and otherwise cleaning and scuffing things in the kitchen for 3 1/2 hours so that the sugars don't set and bake on for all eternity.

*SIGH* I wish it was only the first time that this happened. But, I will settle for it being the last.

Mrs. Brew Meister

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