Sunday, May 11, 2008

Moving right along

There is a wrench in the plans for our next brewing batch. We are in the process of trying to move. But there is an upside!

The next house, should this move happen, has an extra-deep garage. It also has an unfinished, but dry basement. That means, tons of beer storage and an opportunity to make a basement or garage brewing center.

But, should we run natural gas lines, try to work with an electric stove, or go for the propane? Can we vent the basement enough to cook? Would the whole operation be best in a ventilated garage or in a more climate-controlled basement?

There are tons of decisions, both in terms of practicality and cost. While my husband dreams up the ideas, I (Mrs. Brew Meister) am at a bit of a loss. I think we'll have to join a local brew club and see what other are doing, or talk with the LBS about it. And check local codes, set a budget, think of a realistic time frame...well, let's just say that there is a gap between dreaming and reality.

As always, we are open to suggestions

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