Friday, May 2, 2008

Should have known it when we named it

Clever name, that Dubbel Trubbel. I thought my husband had something catchy going. Little did we know that a "wardrobe malfunction" would cause some real trouble...

Tap-A-Draft is not our friend. The first time we ever used it, we noticed that the rounded bottom of the PET bottle couldn't stand up straight, so we left it on its side. A trail of ants led us to realize it had leaked beer through the floor.

This time, we figured we'd sit the bottle up within a cardboard box. No leaking. Brilliant. Bought the charging cartridges. They didn't work out. I defer to my spouse on the technical details. And, of course, then the bottle wasn't airtight.

Our beautiful Belgian beer, the one we waited months to savor, was now on the edge of air damage. All because we dressed her up in a Tap-A-Draft. Well, no longer. We are kegger/bottlers from here on out.

Of course, my devastated better half thought we ought to pour the entire batch out, but I, Mrs. Brew Meister, am a terrible influence. I said, "For all of the waiting and trouble, the least we can do is get drunk off of it." And we did.

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