Friday, August 15, 2008


What are 2 beers that are Mmmm Mmmm good (according to me, Mrs. Brew Meister)?

Maudite and Matilda. We had the pleasure of trying both brews back-to-back during a recent Tap House visit.

The food at the Tap House is okay, although vegetarian selections are limited. Actually, the food was pretty good--a nice hummus and a deconstructed bruschetta were tasty--once the waitress remembered about leaving off the cheese. But the portions were small and the prices were high.

Same could be said for the beers. Tulip glasses were like buying gold, especially Matilda's price tag. Lucky for us, a high percentage alcohol makes us unable to consume more than a glass when we are out. We sipped, enjoyed, and now can confidently re-purchase these fine beverages for home consumption. Yummy and economical.

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