Monday, February 4, 2008

What is the legal limit of brewing beer in the US?

I have noticed several folks have landed at this blog while looking for the legal limit of brewing beer. President Carter signed a law that allowed for the making of beer and wine at home, which was still illegal from the Prohibition Act.

The Federal law does not address any limits or rules, it only lifted the prior Federal ban.

States were left to make their own laws on limits, transport, ingredients, and taxation. My homestate has no limits on annual production, contrary to my previous beliefs. Click on the HOMEBREW LAWS - by state (link in the sidebar) to see how your state has addressed the issue.

My current state of residence has virtually no restrictions for production, free distribution, ingredients, or transport of simple fermented alcohol. However, having brewed beer in three different states, I was definitely impacted in how I shared my "fermentation creations" with others.

How has your state's laws affected your brewing?

(This topic has been recently updated, here)

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